Holistic Equestrian Excellence

Equestrian excellence achieved by honoring the wellbeing of both horse and rider

Excellence for us is firstly about achieving the optimal performance of every individual, whether it be a horse or a rider.  Our holistic approach recognizes the importance of the physical and psychological well-being of both.


We believe in continual growth, and pride ourselves on using scientifically proven methods in our training.  Our methods incorporate anatomy, physiology, biomechanical movement, nutrition, and psychology to create the best possible environment to promote learning.


Whether riding competitively or as a hobby-rider, we believe horsemanship forms an integral part of riding. 

One and Only French Fries with Anke Brits


We love our equine partners. Their grace and beauty inspire us daily. Without them, we will live a poorer life.


We respect the privilege of working with horses and riders. The aim is therefore to extend the lifelong enjoyment of this sport that we do by not compromising the welfare of the horse or the rider in any way.


For a competing horse and rider, this means we approach training in such a way that showing can continue for many years. We do not push too much, too fast, but rather focus on optimal performance. It is not just about winning, but about leaving a legacy!



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