Holistic Equestrian Excellence


Equestrian excellence achieved by honoring the wellbeing of both horse and rider


Excellence for us is firstly about achieving the optimal performance for every individual.  Our holistic approach takes note of the physical and psychological wellbeing of both horse and rider.


We further believe in continual growth and pride ourselves on using scientifically proven methods in our training.  Our methods incorporate anatomy, physiology, biomechanical movement, nutrition, and psychology to create the best possible environment to promote training.

Our Services


Our vision is to become a market leader in equestrian care and training within the Greater Randfontein area that provides:

  • Quality Horse Care

  • Quality Horse Training

  • Quality Rider Training

  • Quality Equine Facilities

Quality Horse Care


Our Yard provides:


  • Stabling for competitive and non-competitive horses

  • Paddocking

  • First Aid for Horses

Quality Horse Training


We provide:


  • Backing of horses

  • Training of horses for specific disciplines

  • Rehabilitating of abused horses

Quality Rider Training


We support the following disciplines:


  • Dressage

  • Show Jumping

  • Saddle Seat

  • Cart Driving

  • Eventing


Quality Equine Facilities


Our facilities include:

  • Riding Arena (Jumping/Dressage)

  • 20m Lunging Ring

  • Stables and Paddocks

  • Tack Room and Feed Room

  • Veterinary Room (in progress)

  • Braai area with ablution

Showing Support


We show and support:


  • SANESA Core League

  • SANESA Saddle Seat

  • Saddlehorse Regional Shows

  • Other Club and Regional Shows


Our Values


We are serious about our values:


  • Safety

  • Growth

  • Integrity

  • Knowledge

No compromise on the welfare of the horse


We love our equine partners.  Their grace and beauty inspire us on a daily basis.  Without them, we will live a poorer life. 


We respect the privilege of working with horses and riders.  It is in an effort to extend the lifelong enjoyment of this sport that we do not compromise on the welfare of the horse in any way.


For a competing horse, this means we approach training in such a way that its showing lifetime can be extended.  This means not pushing too much, too fast.  It is not just about winning, but about leaving a legacy.